• The STECOL Project

    The benefits of integrating ICT into learning and teaching in schools, is non-exhaustive.
  • Staff Corporate Training

    Computer training is an important factor in twenty-first century workplaces.
  • Online Training Design

    We Design and Develop E-Learning / Training platforms for schools and corporate organizations.
  • Planting IT in the young Minds

    There is no mind too young to acquire the IT skills. We train them from a young age.


    Digitization is all encompassing. Let us integrate IT into your business and get the feel of an automated process through growth.


    Office management doesn’t have to be cumbersome. Integrate ICT into the management of your business and see things happen differently.
Welcome and thank you for visiting IGHREENA TECHNOLOGIES. The STECOL Project is kicking off soon, "LEARN MORE".

The Technology Journeys

Technology has come a long way and many more people are keying into the undeniable reliance on technology to have things done. And this this will however be a basis of distinguishing people. The ones who drive technology and the ones who are driven by technology.

Technology in Business

Technology has not left any sector nor any industry untouched. They all seem to be fully dependent on technology and have really enjoyed the advancement experienced in the field of technology.

Technology in Learning

The integration of ICT in school activities has giving learning, a very different look and feel. It has added value to teaching and the whole learning process of the pupil by enhancing the effectiveness through the adding of a dimension, originally absent. 

Technology and development cannot be separated in any society. It has been the mother of development and it has evolved over time, and it is tied to changes experienced in every society as well.

Why Ighreena is your best IT Partner


Database Management

We design and manage Databases for schools and SMEs.


We Design and Develop of E-Learning platform

STECOL Project

We collaborate with schools to guide the students on the ICT path.

Web Design Projects

We develop/design and maintain Professional web sites.

Staff Training

We also train staffs and develop firms’ Human capacity.

Digital Marketing

We help businesses with digital marketing as well as train personnel

IGHREENA Technologies

A top-notch information technology and web design company in with focus on providing information communication technology (ICT) solutions, products and services to schools and businesses, using state of the art technologies.